Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 Wedding Favor Trends

Apparently your typical wedding favors are getting trendier and trendier each year, just like dresses and centerpieces! Most bride and grooms opt for bubbles or something for keep sake; but not this year. The trend for 2011 is... drum roll please... edible favors. My favorite!! Edible candies such as M&Ms, chocolate candy bars, life savers, etc. are all the rage. I think personalized candy bars (like some do for baby showers) are a great idea. Another edible wedding favor I love is personalized coffee or tea packets. So cute and practical. Depends on your budget I suppose, but chic none-the-less.

A few other edible ideas would include: jams, dried fruits, nuts, candies, cookies, or breath mints. All of these unique wedding favors will be sure to fill Aunt Sally's sweet tooth!
If you have any suggestions/ ideas for wedding favors, please comment below. We'd love to hear from you!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

56 days.... until St. Patrick's Day!

Do you have your plans set for St. Patrick's Day this year? This joyous holiday happens to fall on a Thursday and it seems as if everyone has big plans this year!

Each and every St. Patrick's Day I get all dressed up in green and end up drinking green beer- just like everyone else my age! Normally these festivities occur at a local bar in the infamous Broad Ripple. It's always a good time, don't get me wrong, but I think it's about time I have a party at my house. Just imagine a huge tent in my back yard with green lights around the perimeter and a large keg pumping out loads of green Miller Lite. Sounds like a good ol' time to me! We could even play "Pin the Tail on the Leprechaun" or something equally as charming. Haha!

If you're planning on hosting a party of your own, give us a call for any of your rental needs. We've got you covered on tents, tables, chairs, linens... and much, much more! Book now to find out how you can save 20% on any specialty linens. Call (317) 872-8368 for more information.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring 2011 Bridal Show

"Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb. It isn't something you get, but what you do. It's the way you love your partner everyday."

-Barbara de Angelis, American Writer

Love Is In The Air... This Spring!

Do you smell that? I'm talking about the smell of fear brides-to-be get when they've been asked by the love of their life to join them in holy matrimony and they start freaking out about planning the biggest day of their life. Well ladies, do not fear; the Ace Team is here! This is our 4th Annual Spring Bridal Show and we're kicking it off May 1st, 2011 in downtown Zionsville. As we prepare for our spectacular showcase of tents, tables, chairs, and linens; we're researching ways to make your wedding standout! Come and interact with all the finest vendors in the Indianapolis area.

This year we're hosting one of our best Bridal Shows yet. Our team of wedding professionals will dazzle you with their ideas and delightful taste in color schemes, as well as creative centerpieces for every budget. A new year means new trends and we'll keep you up-to-date on all the secrets about outdoor weddings. You're invited to the experience of your (bridal) lifetime!

See below for all the details or give us a call at (317) 872-8368 with any questions. If you prefer email, contact me at

4th Annual Spring Bridal Show
Lions Park in Zionsville
Sunday, May 1st, 2011
12pm- 4pm

With us, you're in good hands.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Wedding Trends continued...

For those of you who think they know everything about fashion and what's hot, I'll let you in on a little secret. There are a few fabrics that I wouldn't have thought would be super trendy but apparently are the hottest thing since parachute pants. Well, you know what I mean. I think your traditional lace and silk wedding dresses are pretty normal, but a dress made of Tulle? It's beautiful, don't get me wrong, but odd to me at the same time.

Lace is still a hot fabric that I don't think will be going away anytime soon. Lace provides girly and elegant designs but with an added twist for maintaining 2011's modern- style.

Ballgowns are still at the top of the list... mainly so that brides can live out their princess inspired childhood dreams. Picture a little girl describing her dream wedding; fully equipped with a tiara and wand. Nothing wrong with this style dress, obviously, since it remains trendiest of all trends.

Soft colored dresses are becoming more and more common as well. Let there be light! For those of us that (sound of a throat clear inserted here, please) that um, shouldn't wear white on their wedding day, you now have other color options such as blush pink to choose from! Halelujah!

Trumpet gowns continue to rise up the food chain as a popular style wedding dress for those who dare to wear a hip -hugging, curve -loving dress. It is super feminine and flattering; leaving brides feeling sexy on their special day.

Detailed dresses are also hitting the charts this year. Subtle textures such as elegant flowers and ruffles are being added to wedding dresses for a bold statement. Look at me, look at me! Haha no but seriously, they are absolutely gorgeous and can dress up any simple gown.

Just from this short list, I can already picture dozens of brides dazzling their grooms in these gorgeous dresses! I can't wait for wedding season! If you need any help planning your special day, give us a call. We're here to help with all your rental needs and planning tips. We are happy to assist you every step of the way and will make sure everything runs smoothly on your special day!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring 2011 Wedding Dress Trends

Everyone is different. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to wedding dresses. However, there are certain trends that "the experts" say are more popular than others. I absolutely love being different and therefore wearing a different style gown. Vera Wang has very unqiue styles that look flattering on many different body types. The picture above shows the popular style dress made of Tulle, which gives the dress a 3 dimensional touch. According to the experts, Tulle and Organza are sweeping the nation and are 2011's hottest styles. I love this dress... it's to die for! I would still go with a white dress (well, let's be serious, not white- off white), but this style is gorgeous. I like that it adds details, layering, and what I like to call fluff (or what others would simply call volume). The fabric alone adds multiple layers and dimensions, not to mention drama and sophistication. With the sash on this dress, you're not only getting the bold draping effect from the layers of silk Tulle, but an enhancing waistline as well. Everyone woman wants a tiny waist but not necessarily the sash look. However, this dress seems to be almost made with the sash in mind. It is light and airy which make warm summer weather weddings a perfect fit. Love it!!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Valentine's what?!!

Happy New Year everyone! Wow... it's only been 8 days and I already feel like this is going to be a great year! If only I could remember to write 2011 instead of 2010...

With Thanksgiving and Christmas over and done with, people are looking for the next big Holiday to celebrate. Unfortunately for us single people, it's the dreaded (and what I like to call the "Hallmark Holiday") Valentine's Day. Ugh, hang on I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Even when I was in a long term relationship, I always hated this Holiday! Why can't a girl get flowers on any normal, random Tuesday just for the heck of it! Gentlemen, listen up: if you want all the fun stuff that comes with Valentine's Day (you know what I'm talking about), then buy your woman flowers just to say 'I love you for you'! Trust me, it will work wonders and will probably get you farther than only showing your affection on that ridiculous day! Okay okay, time to get off my soap box...

On the plus side, it's fun to decorate because my favorite colors just so happen to be pink and red. If you're like me and don't have the money to buy, or the space to store, every single decoration for every single Holiday, then you'll have to stick to daydreaming or Google-ing for ideas. I love passing the time by searching for new centerpiece ideas and ways to creatively put together countless shades of pink and red. Some people may say you can't mix reds with pinks (just like browns and blacks), but I say do what you want. As long as its not tacky, I think there's nothing more elegant than a light shade of pink with a taste of bold red for a dramatic effect. If you think about it, it's really the same color, what with one absorbing more white than the other. Just look at this gorgeous pink napkin and how it makes the red table linen pop! This picture is so simple and yet says so much. I'm really feeling the love here! With these two colors, you can get as playful as you'd like or choose to set the mood in a more romantic manner. Roses are a wonderful touch as a centerpiece and can be arranged in such a way to reflect your personal style.
If you get stuck in the process, feel free to give us a call. That's what we're here for! And trust me, I may not enjoy the Holiday itself, but I know how to make it look pretty! We've also got you covered on your tables, chairs, linens, etc. Check us out at
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