Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Frame Tents VS. Pole Tents

So what is the difference between pole tents and frame tents?

This question is one we get from time to time and we are ready to set the record straight.  Without getting into industry standards, and engineering specs along with all the other technical differences here is the answer.

Pole Tents

Tents that are held up by the tension put on the tent top via stakes, side poles and center poles.  These tents MUST be staked at precise locations and can not be weighted using any other means besides anchors in the ground.  The stakes or anchors (which can be in concrete pads or specialty anchors for soft soil or permanent installations) have a distance from the tent, determined by the manufacture, that must be followed to insure proper installation.  Pole tents often have elegant peaks and sweeping lines which make them more appealing and attractive for weddings and formal events.  Pole tents are often cheap to purchase and easier to install thus leading to a cheaper rental price for the customer.

Frame Tents

Tents that are self supporting structures constructed of steal or aluminum poles to give the tent its shape.  Frame tents should be staked for maximum safety, however stakes can be placed at varying distances and locations along the tent to achieve anchoring.  Frame tents can also be weighted by concrete blocks or weights where staking is not an option however a large amount of weight is required to do this.  Companies that use little weight or even water barrels are putting people's safety in jeopardy when doing so.  Frame tents have a higher acquisition cost and are also a bit more labor intensive resulting in a higher rental fee.

The picture to the left is representative of a pole tent with high peeks.  You can see the white straps around the perimeter of the tent attached to the stakes creating the tension on the tent.

 The tent on the right is a common representation of a classic frame tent.  Although this tent is staked in grass the stakes could be moved and placed in different areas along the perimeter to archive proper anchoring.

The picture on the left show hows poles are used to create the structure which a tent top is place over.  Notice there is no center poles used to hold the middle of the tent up everything is free standing.

The picture on the right shows how center poles are used to hold the tent top up on a pole tent.  The poles are is specific locations and can not be moved or removed after a tent is up.

Let this be a guide to helping you determine the difference between frame tents and pole tents, but please let your tent rental expert be the judge on determining the best tent for your event.  Each style tent has its advantages and disadvantage and knowing what they are is where being an expert pays off.  Either way, tents can add value to your event no matter which style you choose.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Graduation Memory Board

How to make a Graduation Memory Board
Love this quote...
A simple way to showcase the graduate through the years!

Graduation Memory Board Decoration/Gift

 You can make a memory board in a couple of different ways.
Grad Party Memory Wall Decoration Idea
1. Create it On the Spot. The first way would be to get a roll of white paper and put it on one wall of the party space. Put out markers, paints, and crayons and let the guests leave messages or pictures. In effect, it becomes living art!
2. Request the Material. A second approach is to ask all your guests to send you pictures or stories about the graduate. You'll use these to assemble a memory wall that people can review at their leisure. Definitely one of my favorite easy do-it-yourself graduation decorations, and one which will be guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes of your graduate.

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Other Graduation Ideas to showcase the Grad!


  • Instead of making a standard collage, put the photographs on a time line, which enables you to put the photos into a context. Jot down details of different events or days on the time line, such as the first day of kindergarten or the junior prom. Important events that you don't have captured in photographs can still be added to the time line with this method.

Shadow Box Memory Board

  • Don't limit yourself to items that lie perfectly flat. If you use a shadowbox instead of the more traditional picture frame or poster board, you can include items such as drumsticks, guitar picks, marching shoes, Boy Scout or Girl Scout badges, bats or rackets, depending on the graduate's interests.

Future Memories Board

  • Instead of focusing on memories of the past to commemorate a graduation, take a nontraditional approach and make a board to celebrate the memories waiting down the road. For example, for high school graduates, include logos, mascots or mock college diplomas from the schools they will attend. For college graduates, include things that correspond to their chosen career paths and goals. The photos don't have to be only of the graduate. Include pictures from magazines or trade magazines as well as illustrations.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Who's Graduating?

This time of year the phone rings non stop.  Everyone is anxiously planning their son or daughters graduation party they want to know what size tent do I need, do I put the food in the tent, how many tables does that size tent hold, will we install the tent... 

Rest assured we are here to help answer those questions for you.  The most common size tents for a graduation party are listed below with the number of tables and chairs each can accommodate. 

However, the rest of the planning is a personal preference.  Some want to keep all of their guests outside so they choose a larger tent that can hold the seating of the guests along with the food, drinks, pictures etc.  Others keep the food inside and use the tent for seating of their guests only.

Feel free to contact us at 872-8368 and we can walk you through the process.

Happy Planning!

20 X 20  holds 4 tables (round or banquet) and 32 chairs.

20 X 30 holds 6 tables (round or banquet) and 48 chairs.

20 X 40 holds 8 tables (round or banquet) and 64 chairs.

*Keep in mind guests are coming and going throughout the day!

Friday, November 16, 2012

 Don't be afraid to have some fun at your wedding & reception.  There is a classy way to have games as part of your special day!  This is a great way to involve the guests and entertain the little ones.  We carry a full line of carnival games and concessions! CHEERS!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Napkin Folds

We get asked all the time.  "HOW do I fold napkins to look like yours"?  We'll here are some simple directions for a few of our favorites.  Enjoy..  and happy folding as you prepare for those holiday gatherings!

Friday, October 12, 2012


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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wedding Registry Tip

Although it is perfectly appropriate for you to list registry information on your wedding website, make sure it's not the first thing guests see. You can either create a seperate page or have them contact you directly for that information. When you're creating your registry, make sure to have that list on the store's website as well. This makes it much easier for your guests to get exactly what you want and even have it shipped to you; eliminating the need to bring it to the reception!
There are more tips where that came from. Call us to see what other tips we might have for you.
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